Secular Franciscan Order

Secular Franciscans are people motivated by the dynamic power of the Gospel. This intimate union with Christ lies at the heart of the OFS vocation. Therefore, Secular Franciscans seek to encounter the living and active person of Christ in their brothers and sisters, in Sacred Scripture, in the Church and in liturgical activity. We do this by studying, loving and most of all by living in an integrated way the human and evangelical aspects of life.

As modern Secular Franciscans, we live out the secular aspect by paying attention to three things:

  • First, we draw on the experiences of Franciscan figures of the past—men and women who were both contemplative and dedicated to many activities.
  • Secondly, we face test of our creativity when confronted by the new evangelism.
  • Thirdly, we nurture the knowledge of Francis, an example from the past who leads us into the future. Consider a vocation as a Secular Franciscan.