Fundraising Guidelines

The following Fundraising Guidelines have been approved by the Finance Committee and are in effect immediately.

  • Fundraising activities will take place outside the Church.
  • Fundraising request form should be submitted at least 60 days in advance.
  • Only one group may sell tickets per weekend.
  • There will not be fundraising activities for one weekend per month, TBD.
  • You can sell tickets for 1 week, and depending upon the schedule, sell for one additional week.
  • You must check in and out with the ushers.
  • You must request Tamper-Evident bags, and the number needed, which are issued by the Business Manager.
  • It is your responsibility to put in a work order-requesting table and chairs or other equipment you may need.
  • All approved fundraisers will be posted on the bulletin board next to the nursery.
  • All approved fundraisers will also be on the website calendar.
  • Fundraising Request Form will be available on the St. Francis website.
  • If the fundraising activity has not been approved or is not on the calendar, you will be asked to leave.
  • Only registration, i.e., CYE, Bible Study, MOMS, etc will take place inside the Church.
  • No fundraising events will be held during the weeks of the 4th Sunday of Advent through Epiphany, and Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday.

If you have any questions please contact the Business Manager at the Parish Office.

rev 03/03/16