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Lectio divina is a method of prayer from the monastic tradition of Christianity. It is translated as “holy reading,” “divine reading”, “meditative reading,” or “spiritual reading.”

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Ignatian contemplation is a very active way of praying that engages the mind and heart and stirs up thoughts and emotions and is suited especially for the Gospels.

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Weekly Reflection

Three Persons One God

05-26-2024  |  We Celebrate Worship Resource, Vol. 49, No. 1

In today’s first reading, the author compares God to the gods of other nations. Other people said their gods could control the weather or rule the seas or make the land fertile. But unlike those gods, our God entered into a personal relationship with us. Our God rescued us, made a covenant with us, and as Paul points out, adopted us as children and chose us as heirs of eternal life. God not only created the world, but also created a relationship with those who are created in God’s image. While Jesus was on earth, we saw how close and personal his relationship was to the Father. Before his death and resurrection, he told his disciple how close and personal his relationship was to the Holy Spirit and that the Spirit would remain with us forever. Therefore, Jesus could tell them, “I am with you always” (Mathew 28:20). The wonderful intimacy that allow us to be called children of God to address God with the intimate term “Abba”, to be heir of eternal life, and to believe that God is with us always, indeed right here and right now, is modeled on the ultimate intimacy of the three persons of the Trinity.

How do you imagine the relationship between each person of the Trinity? How do you imagine your relationship with each?

Tres Personas Un Solo Dios

En la primera lectura de hoy, el autor compara a Dios con los dioses de otras naciones. Otras personas decían que sus dioses podían controlar el clima, gobernar los mares o hacer que la tierra fuera fértil. Pero a diferencia de esos dioses, nuestro Dios entró en una relación personal con nosotros. Nuestro Dios nos rescató, hizo pacto con nosotros, y como señala Pablo, nos adoptó como hijos y nos eligió como herederos de la vida eterna. Dios no sólo creó el mundo, sino que también creó una relación con aquellos que son creados a su imagen. Mientras Jesus estuvo en la tierra, vimos cuán cercana y personal era su relación con el Padre. Antes de su muerte y resurrección, le dijo a su discípulo cuán estrecha y personal era su relación con el Espíritu Santo y que el Espíritu permanecería con nosotros para siempre. Por lo tanto, Jesús pudo decirles: “Yo estoy con vosotros siempre” (Mateo 28:20). La maravillosa intimidad que nos permite ser llamados hijos de Dios, dirigirnos a Dios con el término íntimo “Abba”, ser herederos de la vida eterna y creer que Dios está con nosotros siempre, aquí y ahora, está modelada en la intimidad última de las tres personas de la Trinidad.

¿Cómo imaginas la relación entre cada persona de la Trinidad? ¿Cómo imaginas tu relación con cada uno?



Save Your Stuff!

The Knights of Columbus will be having another Flea Market in April of NEXT YEAR! The last one was a huge success for our church. Proceeds from the sale was enough to pay for all the new altar lighting. We are hoping for a similar outcome next year. That is why I am asking now, Save Your Stuff!


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The Parish Office will be CLOSED on Memorial Day: Mon, May 27.

La Oficina Parroquial estará CERRADA el lunes, 27 de mayo.

Night of Bunco Fun!

Join us for a Night of Bunco Fun on Fri, May 31. Doors open at 6:30pm and games begin at 7:00pm in the St. Francis of Assisi Parish Center. Donation is only $10.00 to play.

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