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Lectio divina is a method of prayer from the monastic tradition of Christianity. It is translated as “holy reading,” “divine reading”, “meditative reading,” or “spiritual reading.”

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Ignatian contemplation is a very active way of praying that engages the mind and heart and stirs up thoughts and emotions and is suited especially for the Gospels.

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Weekly Reflection

Seed Grow Of Itself

06-16-2024  |  We Celebrate Worship Resource, Vol. 49, No. 1

It’s really amazing that we’re able to walk around with what amounts to a small computer in our pockets. If we need an answer, from who won last year’s Super Bowl to what nearby restaurant makes the best lasagna, we merely need to pull out our phoned and ask. But what about the big questions, like “Is this really love?” or “what is the meaning of life?” Paul’s advice to “walk by faith, not by sight” is sound (2Corinthians 5:7). After all, human knowledge is imperfect. In the parables we hear today, Jesus uses the example of seeds. We can’t see a mustard seed spit open under the soil and germinate. Nor can we see the inner working of a plant, which grows taller and sturdier and eventually produces fruit. Similarly, we can’t see the seeds of faith growing inside us, slowly leading us toward the kingdom of God. Yet we believe it is happening. We believe that we are part of it. And we believe that the kingdom that continues to grow each day is greater than all the smartphones in the world, and that one day we will all dwell in its branches, in God’s presence.

How have you sensed the seed of faith growing within yourself? What can you do this week to nurture your own seed of faith or another’s?

La Semilla Crece Por Sí Sola

Es realmente sorprendente que podamos caminar con lo que equivale a una pequeña computadora en nuestros bolsillos. Si necesitamos una respuesta, desde quién ganó el Super Bowl del año pasado hasta qué restaurante cercano hace la mejor lasaña, simplemente tenemos que sacar nuestro teléfono y preguntar. Pero ¿qué pasa con las grandes preguntas como “¿Es esto realmente amor?” o "¿cuál es el significado de la vida?" El consejo de Pablo de “andar por fe, no por vista” es acertado (2 Corintios 5:7). Después de todo, el conocimiento humano es imperfecto. En las parábolas que escuchamos hoy, Jesús usa el ejemplo de las semillas. No podemos ver una semilla de mostaza abierta bajo la tierra y germinar. Tampoco podemos ver el funcionamiento interno de una planta, que crece más alta y más robusta y eventualmente produce frutos. De manera similar, no podemos ver las semillas de la fe creciendo dentro de nosotros, conduciéndonos lentamente hacia el reino de Dios. Sin embargo, creemos que está sucediendo. Creemos que somos parte de ello. Y creemos que el reino que sigue surgiendo cada día es más grande que todos los teléfonos inteligentes del mundo, y que un día todos habitaremos en sus ramas, en la presencia de Dios.

¿Cómo has sentido que la semilla de la fe crece dentro de ti? ¿Qué puedes hacer esta semana para nutrir tu semilla de fe ganada o la de otros?




Are you interested in working in the Parish Office? Do you have bookkeeping education and experience? We need you! The parish bookkeeper maintains records of financial transactions and supports the parish’s day-to-day operations by performing the more sensitive, complex office functions. Acts as the administrative support for the pastor and staff. The parish bookkeeper is the primary contact for the Diocesan Shared Accounting Services (DSAS).


Save Your Stuff!

The Knights of Columbus will be having another Flea Market in April of NEXT YEAR! The last one was a huge success for our church. Proceeds from the sale was enough to pay for all the new altar lighting. We are hoping for a similar outcome next year. That is why I am asking now, Save Your Stuff!


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Diocese Of Orlando Missions Office Invites You To Consider Hosting A Dominican Student From Our Sister Diocese For Fall 2024.


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