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Are you following in the footsteps of the Apostles?

07-15-2018We Celebrate Worship Resource, Vol. 43, No. 2

Like we learned last week, it's not easy to be one of God's missionaries. Look at Amos. In the verse preceding today's first reading, Amos prophesied, "Jeroboam shall die by the sword/and Israel shall surely be exiled from its land" (Amos 7:11). This did not go over well. Jeroboam, after all, was the king of Israel. No wonder Amos was told to leave and never come back. But Amos did not leave, for he was sent by God to "prophesy to my people of Israel" (Amos 7:15). The apostles had it easier, for Jesus told them that if they are rejected they should merely "shake the dust off your feet in testimony against them" (Mark 6:11). But this delivered a strong statement, as it meant that that home was unclean, capable of polluting the rest of the town. Still, the apostles did not have it easy. They traveled without any food, money, or extra clothing. They had to trust God, had to be dependent on strangers. But in doing so, they successfully carried out Jesus' mission. They proclaimed the saving power of God in Christ Jesus, as did perhaps the most influential missionary of all time, St. Paul, whose Letter to the Ephesians begins with the rhapsody of praise we hear today.

How can we be part of God's mission?


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Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Fridays 6:00-7:00pm in the Chapel, Dec 8, 2017 - Nov 23, 2018


Change for Change

Beginning Sun, Jul 1, a large JAR with the inscription "Change for Change" will be placed in the Narthex. We ask parishioners to drop in their extra change.


Summer BreakSpot

The Summer BreakSpot provides FREE nutritious meals to kids and teens under 18 all summer long and will be at the North Orange Branch of the Orange County Library right here in Apopka. Monday - Friday from 1:15-2:15pm.


Faith Formation needs you!

Needed: Catechists, Catechist Assistants, Children-Led Mass Facilitator (One Sunday a month at 10:30am.)


VBS 2018: Shipwrecked: Rescued by Jesus
Jul 16 - Jul 20 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Registration is now underway!


Bible Study: Lectio: Eucharist
Jul 16 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Mondays 7:00-9:00pm in Faith Formation Room #2, Jun 11 - Aug 13


Film Series: The Sacraments in Disguise
Jul 24 - Jul 25

Explore the ways in which sacramental themes may be represented in the movies!


Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Aug 15 12:10pm

Mass at 12:10pm at St. James Cathedral, 215 N. Orange Ave., Orlando


Santa's Workshop
Nov 25 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Where the kids do their Christmas shopping from 2:00-5:00pm in the Parish Center.

Donde los niños hacen sus compras navideñas de 2:00pm a 5:00pm en el Centro Parroquial.